Intraday Profit Master Learn technical Analysis. This module will cover details on technical Analysis

EARN TO ARENA offers flexible as well as the most effective day trading courses in India, which is in high demand these days among youngsters. The academy not only focus on academic growth but it also aims to create awareness on technical analysis by providing highly competent and profitable stock market technical analysis training in India.
– What is Technical Analysis and why do we need it.
– Selecting Right stocks for intraday How to decide.
– How to read intraday charts Candlestick Chart,
– What are technical indicators – RSI, Timeframes of various indicators
Volume and its importance for indicator-based strategies
– Trend Analysis – Trends in different time frames, the Life cycle of trends
Consolidation, Breakout, continuation, exhaustion.
– Identifying opportunities in a sub-trend, using trend lines for
identifying support and resistance points. Trading Pullbacks,
– Support and resistance in various timeframes.
– Bullish and Bearish Candlestick patterns Doji, Bearish engulfing,
Bullish Engulfing, Shooting star, Evening star, Morning Star, Hammer,
Bullish Harami, Bearish Harami, Three inside up, Three inside down, Piercing pattern, Dark cloud pattern, kicker pattern,
– How to trade chart patterns Double top, Double bottom, Head and shoulders, cup handle, inverted head shoulder, Rectangle pattern, Rotated rectangle pattern, Ascending triangle, Descending pattern, wedge- ascending & descending pattern, expanding triangle pattern– Previous range breakout, opening range breakout, etc.
– How to select stocks for next day– End of day Analysis with charts.
– Entry, Exit and Stop loss- How to master Risk to reward ratio for a
winning trade Introduction to Intraday Trading strategies, swing trading strategies, Future trading.
Money Management and Risk management in Intraday.

We provide learning just like a conference room by online zoom WEBINAR. We clear face to face all queries and doubts related to the stock market and technical analysis. In these ways, many members of ETA are settled in the stock market. We don’t only share the stock levels we share our knowledge with ETA STUDENTS. [ One Month Course]

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